Metra 93rd Street Station

3112 E. 93rd Street, South Chicago, IL 60617

Metra Electric Line Station

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George Allen Construction Co. extended the existing Metra line and created the stop at 93rd St. The project encompassed adding railroad tracks, track bed, signal wires and communications from 91st to 93rd St. It included the removal of old wooden platforms between 90th St. and 91st St. There was a temporary platform for commuter use until the new platform at 93rd St. was completed. It was a difficult project because some of the sequencing took place in the middle of the night. Four cross switchovers were done between midnight and 7 a.m. to allow the existing train operations to run uninterrupted. The new raised platform facility includes a 900-foot platform with head houses on both ends, handicap accessible ramps, additional grid crossings and a 1,200-car parking lot, all of which were significant improvements to the area.

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