BNSF Corwith Yard DSF Service Track Expansion


The BNSF Corwith DSF project is a multi-phase replacement of the existing fueling and service platform with two new state of the art full service fueling, sanding and inspection platforms. It required excavation, safe disposal of nearly 20,000 tons of impacted soil from the site and installing a spill containment liner system with leak detection functionality. GAC built 130,000-gallon stormwater and industrial waste surge tank and evacuation system to capture any future chemicals and ensure they do not enter the ground or water supply. GAC installed new fueling and service equipment within a dedicated platform, which has given BNSF the ability to fuel, service, and perform undercarriage inspections on up to 10 diesel locomotives at one time.


Client: BNSF
Architect: TKDA
Industry: Railroad

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