Committing People and Resources for a Better Future.
Jim Allen, President

Reducing the environmental impact is our shared goal on every GAC project.

Whether you are looking to construct an energy efficient building, install cleaner and more efficient technologies or have a unique environmental challenge, we can help with cost-effective solutions.

GAC Pre-Construction Sustainability

Pre-Construction Sustainability

We start by getting to know you, your operation, and your sustainability goals. Together with your architects and engineers, we make recommendations on design management, constructability and material and system selection to improve on your construction budget, schedule, long-term maintenance, and total cost of ownership of your project. We can help to reduce environmental disruption and improve energy efficiency before the first shovel of dirt is turned.

GAC Sustainable Construction

Sustainable Construction

Once we mobilize on site, we take measures to ensure that the jobsite and ecosystems surrounding the site are protected and environmental disruptions are kept to a minimum. Sustainable construction measures include protecting on-site existing storm water management systems, bodies of water, flood ways, and vegetation. We also take measures to manage storm water runoff to reduce or eliminate the effects of erosion and sediment discharge. When natural habitats, archeological or indigenous land are at stake, you can trust our experience to keep them protected.

GAC Environmental Solutions

Environmental Solutions

Our vast railroad construction experience ensures that our environmental solutions will meet your standards and those of the regulatory bodies. As such, our project managers, superintendents, and safety managers are well-versed in managing your environmental scope of work. They work hand-in-hand with our environmental contractors to navigate the toughest of environmental challenges including disposal of contaminated soils, abatement, and encapsulation of lead and asbestos and disposal of PCBs.