Amtrak MACC - Alliance, OH - Station Renovations

Alliance, OH

Amtrak Alliance Station is considered a historical landmark by the community, and the use of local contractors gave all involved a great sense of pride in improving the station. The station rehabilitation project was one of many facilities within the Amtrak MACC program that needed ADA-compliant upgrades. Included in the project scope were new walkways between parking, station and the platform, a relocated accessible parking area, a compliant passenger drop-off zone, a concrete pad surrounding the passenger shelter, and signage.
GAC’s priority was keeping all pedestrians and workers safe during construction while maintaining a fully operational station. During site improvements, this landmark was a hosting spot for President Biden during his 2020 campaign trail. GAC worked closely with the Secret Service and used temporary pedestrian hardscapes and strategic phasing as creative solutions that kept the President, his staff, and Amtrak customers safe.


Client: Amtrak
Architect: STV Group
Industry: Railroad