Amtrak MACC - Hutchinson, KS - Station Renovations

Hutchinson, KS

Amtrak’s brick depot in Hutchinson, KS, was built in the 1950s and replaced the original Victorian design from 1897. Several businesses operating within the station made logistics an ongoing challenge, but GAC met those challenges with creative, strategic planning. The exterior renovations include raising the platform to the level of the car entryway for easy passenger loading with a new ADA-compliant boarding platform structurally supported by helical piers.
GAC made ADA-compliance upgrades to the parking lot, curbs, and fencing adjacent to the platform. Interior renovations were made to the bathrooms, featuring terrazzo flooring and ground-face CMU walls that match the historic design. This station currently operates five days a week with one train running in each direction, and the new remote-controlled access system will replace the need for an onsite attendant.


Client: Amtrak
Architect: STV Group
Industry: Railroad