BNSF ARGENTINE YARD LMIT - High Bay East Wall Masonry Repair

North Kansas City, KS

High Bay East Wall Masonry Repairs included tuckpointing, siding, windows, and doors to the interior and exterior of the building. We scaffolded the interior of the building to a height of 60 feet, and then the platform was covered with plastic creating negative air pressure, while GAC worked to remove existing windows. We then tuckpointed the interior and exterior masonry walls. Looking for ways to expedite the schedule, we decided to have the steel plates and angles predrilled in the brick and masonry while waiting for their delivery. Once materials arrived, all we had to do was epoxy and bolt them in place, shaving weeks off the schedule. All window and siding materials were cut to size, saving installation time. A considerable amount of valued engineering went into this project, saving dollars and time.

Client: BNSF
Architect: TKDA
Industry: Railroad