Elliot Elementary School

Munster, IN

Elliot Elementary School project was a newly constructed 78,000-square-foot building in Munster, Indiana. GAC had the difficult challenge of completing the demolition, excavation, and new construction within the summer break, so there were no interruptions in resuming the academic school year in September. GAC met project schedule challenges with creative, strategic planning, and sequencing. Demolition began in June, followed by the excavation process, which revealed poor soil conditions to support the structural load of the new structure. GAC augmented the soil with several feet of stone and fabric liners to improve the load capacity of the site’s foundation.

The new construction included state-of-the-art communications, data, and computer systems, a cafeteria with kitchen equipment, and a gymnasium with wood flooring.

Client: School District of Munster Indiana
Architect: Carras, Szany, Kuhn & Associates

Industry: Education