Norfolk Southern - 47th Street Rapid Repair Facility

Elkhart, IN

Norfolk Southern 47th Street, Rapid Repair project included design-build services for a new locomotive repair facility that repairs trains moving the nation’s largest rail hub. The construction involved building a 16,300 square foot facility with a 125-ton drop pit inspection table, locomotive traction motors, a 7.5-ton overhead gantry crane, and a 77-foot inspection pit to make repairs to the underside of locomotives. GAC provided the construction of a new track bed and track, a spill pad and truck containment area, a fuel distribution system, stormwater, industrial waste sewer, and natural gas and electrical systems. We facilitated the installation of several pieces of specialty equipment, including the drop pit, two five-thousand-gallon tanks, transformers, and generators. The project expanded Norfolk Southern repair capabilities in the Chicago region, employing 25 craft workers around the clock.



Client: Norfolk Southern Railroad
Architect: Urban Engineers
Industry: Railroad